Signaltape underground warning tape is setting a new standard for protecting, identifying and locating all types of buried utilities. 

Signaltape is a proprietary, low-cost solution developed to prevent excavation damage to buried utilities by providing a visible alert to the presence of a buried utility directly to the equipment operator.

"Excavation damage is a leading cause of serious pipeline incidents that cause death, injuries and property damage."
- U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx (Jul 13, 2015)

PHMSA: Reportable Pipeline Incidents Caused by Excavation Damage, 2010 through March 31, 2016

Signaltape Benefits

Signaltape XT vs Premium Stretch Marker Tape

"Signaltape breathes new life into a standard industry product while tremendously enhancing excavator safety."
- Mike Parilac, President and Owner of Planet Underground


The inclusion of a high tensile strength core material ensures signaltape directly alerts the equipment operator.


Signaltape meets or exceeds all industry relevant ASTM standards.

Low Cost

Signaltape provides the most comprehensive protection for the lowest cost.

The Signaltape Advantage


Signaltape comes in 1,000 ft rolls and lays flat making it a quick and easy installation.


Signaltape is fully customizable, just tell us what you need.


Signaltape is optionally detectable with the inclusion of any tracer wire, RF tags, etc. as specified.

Custom Legends

Signaltape provides custom legend text, logo and emergency number at no additional charge.  Kinder Morgan uses several different custom legends to ensure their lines are labeled correctly with the appropriate emergency number.

Common Ground Alliance

The Common Ground Alliance estimates that there are 35 million miles of buried utilities in the United States and that excavation damage is the leading cause of damage.

CGA Website

Did You Know?

Preventable Root Cause

50% of excavation incidents caused by: Failure to call locating service (22%) Failure to correctly mark utility (28%)

Damage Prevention in your State

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